45 ways to make money online – make up to $10,000

We all want more money to pay for cool things and have awesome experiences. Have more to pay for a bigger house, regular family holidays, or a fancy sports car. Having a good investment strategy to grow your money is vital.

More important than that, is to make money in the first place. Then you can put some of that money to work. Invest it and grow it. So ... apart from your day job, how do you make money?

We've put together a list of 45 ways to make money online. Majority of these jobs are also ways to make money from home. These jobs can supplement your income, or if taken seriously, they could be a full-time job. In fact, you can make more than $100,000 per year working from home with some jobs here.

Best of all, we have jobs that range from no skill required to ideas to monetise your specialist skills.


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Tell them your opinion

Job 1: Fill out online surveys

Absolutely no skills required! All you need is access to a computer and the internet. Head over to MyOpinions and complete a survey. You get points for each survey you complete. You can redeem the points for cash or gift cards from places like JB HI-FI, Woolworths, iTunes, etc.


Job 2: Test out website for startups

If you like trying new online products and apps, this is the job for you. User Testing will pay you $10 per test. A test will go for a maximum of 20 minutes. Usually, they'll ask you to go to a website and do something. For example, try to buy something from an eCommerce site, or comment on the look and feel of a new app. You will need a computer with a webcam to record your test and give verbal feedback as you do the task. Apply here.


Job 3: Review songs

Fancy yourself as a music taste maker? Have an opinion about good vs bad music? Slice the Pie will pay you for your musical snobbery. They have handed out around $2 million to listeners. Different songs pay different amount, but it's usually $0.20 per song.

slicethepie screenshot


Job 4: Review mobile apps

Always on your phone flicking through the latest apps in the App Store or Google Play Store? You can get paid for trying these new apps with Best Review App. Get up to $1.50 per review. Once you complete a review through their app and post it to the App Store, they'll pay into your PayPal account.


Sell your time doing everyday things

Job 5: Be a spy at the mall

Sign-up as an Agent for Field Agent, the only equipment you need as an operative is your smartphone. Download their app and they will send you jobs based on where you are. Jobs are usually things like going to a supermarket to check up on a display, take photos through the app and make a few comments. Each job pays between $3 - $12 into your PayPal account.


Job 6: Watch videos and play games

Already spending tonnes of time watching boring TV or playing mindless video games? Why not get paid for your efforts with Swagbucks? You can do lots of other minor tasks like taking surveys to earn a few bucks. Each job gives you between 25 - 250 Swagbuck credits, and you can exchange the credits for gift cards or PayPal cash (1 credit = $0.01).

swagbucks screenshot


Job 7: Get paid to be a shopper ... for someone else

Love shopping? Always find yourself rumbling through clothes at the mall or in markets? Cuzin will pay you to find, buy and ship items. Just look on the list of what their members want to buy and help them out. There is a profit margin for each item you get.


Job 8: Be part of a fake Artificial Intelligence system for Amazon

Amazon's Mechanical Turk have little tasks they call Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) for you to do and earn a bit of money. Spend a few minutes reading a sentence and answer questions for $0.04. Rate words based on how funny they are for $0.15. Or choose from 400,000 HITs they have.


Job 9: Stand in a queue for someone

This Aussie startup connect you (someone with time) with someone who needs things done. Famously, someone was paid to line up in front of the Apple store to be the 1st to buy the new iPhone 6. Airtasker have tonnes of tasks on their platform ranging from simple tasks like cleaning, handyman or deliveries, all the way to marketing, web development, graphic design. They range from paying $30 to deliver a bed to $500 to create a social media campaign.

The guys at Airtasker have a special tip for making the most from their platform: "be very clear on the value you are providing and why your pricing is justified". For example, if you are responding to a request for mobile wireframes, you offer a premium service could be clearly stated as "mobile responsive version" of mobile wireframes.

airtasker quote


Job 10: Sell your artistic talents on Fiverr

Monetise your creative skills through Fiverr. Get paid $5 (or a bit more) for a little creative gigs. Services you can offer include writing 150 words for someone, turning a poem into a song, be a voice-over for a website. Some people have made $10,000 selling her graphic design skills for $5 - $10 per gig.


Job 11: Start cleaning

We all hate to do it. So lots of people pay someone to do it for them. Yep, good old cleaning. If you are prepared to roll up your sleeve, Helpling will hook you up with a job to clean someone's house, apartment or office. You get paid fortnightly based on how many places you clean - they will look after all the booking and invoicing.

Helpling quote


Job 12: Be responsible and looking after nice little kids

Young mums and dads have it tough these days. They both have to work and look after their little kidlets. They deserve a break for date night every now and then. That's where you can come in. Be there babysitter through Kindy. The app will refer you local babysitting jobs from $20 to $40 per hour (sometimes higher).

Kindy screenshot


Job 13: Search the web and get paid ... no - seriously, it's true

Sounds ridiculous but Qmee will actually pay you for searching online. You will need to install their plugin into your browser (super easy) first. Then every time you search for something, Qmee will provide an alternative list of results. If you click on their results, you get paid.

It's just like Google Ads except they share the ad revenue with you (whilst Google keep it all to themselves - how selfish!).


Teach the world - be an educator

Job 14: Sell your university notes

If you are / were top of the class at uni (distinction average and above) and have a kick-arse set of notes, then head over to Nexus Notes. This cool Aussie startup built a platform for current uni students to buy your old notes for $10 - $20 per student. You can earn a nice passive income for notes that are sitting on your laptop rotting away.


Job 15: Teach people something you know

Join the Mass Open Online Course (MOOC) movement. Jump on Udemy and create a course to teach people something cool. You can literally create any course you want and hope people will sign-up and pay for it. Courses can range from $0 to $200 per student per course. You decide the price. Depending on how you advertise your course, Udemy will take 0% to 50% commission.

Udemy quote


Job 16: Be an online tutor

Schoolkids are getting more and more competitive with their grades. You can cash in on that trend through YourTutor. If you get qualified on their platform, they will connect you with Year 3 to Year 12 students across Maths, Science, English, etc.


Job 17: Teach someone English (or French, German, Chinese ...)

If you can't be a tutor or create a OpenLearning course, maybe you can teach a language? iTalki is a platform that uses Skype to connect you to someone interested in learning a language. They offer 100 languages and have more than 1.5 million students. You set your own price and iTalki take a 15% cut.

italki screenshot

Get your Shakespeare on - start writing

Job 18: Write a slogan

Fancy yourself as a creative writer? You can earn up to $999 for writing a new slogan for a company on Slogan Slingers. Companies post briefs on their website to start a slogan contest. You can submit your entry and win the prize money.


Job 19: Write a list

Get $100 for writing a list with Listverse. They want content for their site and will pay you for it. The task is simple. Find an interesting topic based on the concept of a top 10 list. Write that into a 1,500+ word article. Submit it. They put $100 cash in your PayPal account if approved.

They look for a broad range of topics. From "10 Female Scientists Who Made Our Stars Shine Brighter" to "10 Islands with Completely Unique Languages". Let your imagination run wild.

Listverse screenshot


Job 20: Write a book

For all your aspiring authors, we have a publisher for you. Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing will publish anything you write and make it available around the world. You set the price and keep around 70% of the sales (i.e. Amazon charges 30% commission).


Channel You: Become your own advertising channel

Job 21: Be a YouTube star

You know what YouTube is. You've probably watched videos of cute puppies. Or some random person doing something ridiculously funny thing. Create interesting videos on a topic, start a channel and get paid.

YouTube's partner program will put ads in your video. The more people watch your videos, the more money you make. It is hard to estimate how much you can make. As a rule of thumb, 1 million views = $10,000 of revenue to you.


Job 22: Start a blog and sell ad space

If you don't have the skills to make a video, you can always write something cool. Write about something that you are interested in. Consistently churn out high quality content every week, fortnight or month. Grow your audience by getting them to subscribe to your blog. Once you have more than 10,000 subscribers, you can sell space on your blog to Google through their AdSense platform.

How much you make will vary, depending on lots of factors. Start writing by setting up a blog through WordPress.


Adsense screenshot


Job 23: Recommend & review things through your blog to make affiliate revenue

Once you have your blog running, there are more ways to make money than selling ad space. You can sign up to affiliate marketing networks like Commission Junction. Once signed up, when your referral visitors go to an affiliate's site and make a purchase, you get paid a commission. Lots of brands use affiliate networks to get their product to customers. This means no matter what you are writing about, you are likely to find products you can refer your readers and get paid.

For example, you can review the latest collection of handbags on Net-A-Porter and provide links to the products. If your reader goes through your link and buy a $2,500 Givenchy bag, you might get paid $250 from the affiliate network. Commission will vary depending on the brand and the products / services.


Job 24: Get paid for a tweet

If you have a big Twitter following, you can sell your tweets! That's right. Big brands will pay you to tweet out a message to your 100,000+ followers. Sign-up to Adly and start selling tweets to big brands like Coca-Cola, Samsung and Toyota.


Job 25: Take your sports sponsorship to the next level

If you are a professional sports person with a tonne of social media followers, you too can sell your Tweets, Facebook & Instagram posts. The guys at fanfuel have built a platform to help you get paid by big brands like Telstra and Sony.

fanfuel quote

Sell your expert skills and be your own boss - be a freelancer

Job 26: Cater an office lunch

If you know how to cook a delicious meal and can cater for a small office, head to You Chews. The platform connects caterers with office lunches and functions around Sydney (starting in Melbourne soon). Depending on how many people you feed, you can make a few thousand dollars per order. You have to cook and deliver the food to the venue. You Chews will look after the ordering, invoicing and other boring stuff - they charge a commission.


Job 27: Design logos and business cards

If you can design and use Photoshop, you can enter a design competition on 99designs. They have more than 2,000 competitions open at any time, paying out more than $2 million to designers every month. Businesses start a competition by putting up a design brief (usually a logo, t-shirt, business cards, etc). They nominate a prize from $380 to a few $1,000. A bunch of designers will enter the competition. The business picks the winning design and you get the prize.


Job 28: Drive for Uber

You know about Uber already. You can use your own car and sign up to drive for uberX. You need to be more than 21 y.o., have a drivers licence, have a 4 door car that is less than 9 years old, and have personal auto insurance. You can make up to $2,000 a week!

uber quote


Job 29: Consult for innovative businesses, BIG and small

Are you a top business, finance or digital marketing professional looking for interesting work? Join Expert360's network of top consultants and work with startups through to large corporates like Virgin Australia. Projects range from 1 day to 6 months at excellent daily rates.

Margot, a consultant with Expert360, delivered a financial model for an e-commerce startup and earned $4,250 for her work


Expert360 screenshot


Job 30: Start your mini law firm through LawPath

Are you a lawyer? You like practicing. You want more billable hours and revenue. You hate marketing. If that sounds like you, get on board with LawPath. They will refer you quality leads, no quota or pressure to take on matters you don't like. They will email you new jobs on a daily basis, all you need to do is click a button to connect with the client.

lawpath quote


Job 32: Be a digital / creative freelancer

Freelancer.com is the largest freelancing marketplace in the world. Whether you are digital designer, web developer, digital marketer, or whatever skills you have, they're likely to have a freelancing project for you. Most projects pay more than $100, with some going into the $1,000s. They currently have 8 million projects looking for a freelancer just like you.


Job 32: Be someone's handyman

Just like LawPath delivering leads to lawyers, Service Seeking help tradies setup a business. The platform has managed billions of dollars worth of jobs to their members. Regular tradies are getting 70% of their work from the site. They will send you customers in your area, help with admin, invoicing and collecting payments. From each job you do, you will give them a 10% commission (up to a maximum of $330).

Service Seeking quote

Be a ninja - Code Ninja

Job 33: Find bugs in other people's software

If you like hacking, building and breaking code then look no further. Get involved with Bugcrowd. Companies like Western Union, Pinterest, Heroku, Sprout Social, oDesk have put their code on the platform, daring you to find a bug. Get up to $2,500 per bug found. Every month, they also hand out $5,000 in performance bonuses to their top three researchers.


Job 34: Be a mentor and advisor to younger developers

Airpair is for senior developers with strong skills in a software language to earn extra money. Offer your advice, be a mentor, review someone's code and get paid. Beware, only apply if you are a top developer in your area. They only want "world class developers".


Join the sharing economy - be a landlord

Job 35: Rent out your car

Do you take PT to work everyday? Leaving your car at home all lonely, battery draining, and draining your wallet? Well, you can rent out your car to screened, trusted members in your neighbourhood through Car Next Door. Rent it out at the hourly rate or daily rate you choose. Hyundai i30 are renting for $35 per day. Mercedes CLK230 are renting for $60 per day.

If you live in the suburbs of Melbourne or Sydney where Car Next Door operates and have a well-maintained car that is less than 15 years old, has done less than 200,000km and is worth less than $50,000, then you are eligible to apply to list your car.

Once accepted into their program, they will fit a small device in your car so you don't need to hand over your keys to a renter every time. They will also provide insurance for your car in case of theft or accident.

CND quote


Job 36: Rent out your carpark

If you drive to work every day then your carpark at home will be empty, lonely waiting for a car to keep it company all day long. Don't worry. Keep your carpark happy and jump on Divvy. Post your empty carpark for rent. They will vet the renter, take care of invoicing and payment. You can rent out a Sydney CBD carpark for $60 - $80 per week.

Divvy screenshot


Job 37: Rent out your spare room

Have a spare room you don't use? Jump on to Airbnb and post your room for rent. Welcome a temporary guest, meet some new friends and earn a bucket load of money.

The average Airbnb host in Sydney earns $4,505 per annum. 60% of them are using the Airbnb money to help pay their rent or mortgage (more of their stats here). You set the price. They charge you a 3% service fee. You also get insurance protection up to $1 million.


Job 38: Rent out your office space

Do you have a bigger office than you need? Have a few spare desks sitting around, gathering dust? Make money by filling those seats on a temporary basis through ShareDesk. List the desk or meeting rooms you have available for rent. It can be a daily rental, or weekly or longer. Use their platform to manage booking, acceptance and collecting payments.

People are renting out their desks from $30 per day (in Surry Hills, Pyrmont, etc) to $750 per day (prime Sydney CBD offices).

Sharedesk screenshot


Job 39: Rent out your bike or surfboard

Bought a road bike after being inspired by Lance Armstrong's heroic efforts in the Tour de France years ago? Then became disillusioned after his Opera confession? Left the bike sitting in your garage untouched for years? You can sell it, or you can rent it out through Spinlister. According to Spinlister, most listers made between $150 - $250 per month. Some people are making up to $400 - $600 per month in peak summer seasons.

Here is a special tip from Andrew Bately (CMO of Spinlister) to make the most from their platform:

Sell what you have or what you make

Job 40: Sell your handmade craft

Do you sew, knit or make cool handmade stuff? Turn your hobby into a money making enterprise. You can sell anything handmade on Zibbet. Whether it is a quilt, bracelet, scarf, or even a chair. Make something cool, post it on Zibbet and they will help you reach customers worldwide. Get started for $0 (yep free), or upgrade to their premium plan for $8 per month.

Zibbet quote


Job 41: Sell unused stuff on eBay

The largest online marketplace in the world is where you can sell anything you don't want. Old clothes, old phones, old furniture - anything can be sold for money on eBay. It's all pretty simple. Find stuff you don't use. Take a photo. List it on eBay. If it sells, arrange a method of postage or collection. eBay takes around 10% commission on the final price.


Job 42: Sell your music

No, you can't make money selling songs back to iTunes. But ... if you are an artist and create music, you can sell your unique creation through iTunes here. Apple will charge you a 30% commission. You can sell music, music videos, ringtones, etc


Job 43: Sell your photos

Fancy yourself as a budding photographer? If you are always taking cool shots with your SLR on the weekends or on holidays, you can sell your original shots through Shutterstock. Once you post your photos on the platform, you are selling royalty free rights to your photos. You get 30% of the price. Each time someone downloads your photo, you get paid.

Shutterstock screenshot


Job 44: Make & sell custom made furniture

Tap into the makers' movement in Australia and sell your handmade furniture through Handkrafted. Beware, they only accept the most exceptional quality and craftsmanship. If you cut the mustard, then you can sign-up as a Member and get work referred to your through their platform.

handkrafted quote


Job 45: Sell other digital goods you've made

If your skills in creating something is a digital product, eBay won't be able to help you. Whether you make digital comics, films, software or even an excel template, you can sell it through Gumroad. It works just like eBay - except there is no need to ship anything. You upload your digital good (say a Mac software), set a price and Gumroad will look after distribution and money collection for you. They take a $0.25 + 5% commission for each transaction.


If you have had experience with any of these platforms before, drop us a comment. I'd love to hear about any tips or tricks you have on maximising your income.

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