Best Twitter accounts to follow – Aussie finance and investing

If you are like me, you can’t get enough news about the world of finance and investing.

After being dubious about Twitter for ages, I’ve finally come around to see how powerful and useful it can be. Whilst Twitter is famous for celebs airing their dirty laundry to the world, it is actually a very useful source of news for investors. You get the news you care about in REAL TIME.

The problem is that once you start using Twitter, it can get really noisy. The more people you follow, the irrelevant crap you get in your feed. This makes it harder and harder to get the content you want in Twitter.

The solution to that is to build Twitter Lists. You can add specific Twitter accounts to a List, and only see a feed of this List. For example, I have set up a List called "Regulators & Govt”. I check this exclusively for content from the ATO, ASIC, and APRA. I use another list called "Aussie Investment Leaders” to keep track of the opinions from investment thought leaders.

I’ve made a few of my Lists public to save you time in building yours. Follow them for tailored content in these 5 areas:

   Leaders & Opinions
   Financial News
   Regulators / Government
   Financial Planners Content


If you have any suggestions on what Twitter account to add to any of these Lists - please get in touch @BetterWealthAU

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Cofounder & CEO of BetterWealth (@jeremykwonglaw). Former investment banker turned technology entrepreneur. muru-D alumni (Telstra startup accelerator). Passionated about leveraging technology to provide better financial products & services to consumers. Coffee snob, business book reader, and fitness fan.

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