7 money tips for under 35 y.o. from Independent Financial Planners

We are strong believers of independent financial advice. Generally, clients get the best advice when there is no conflict between their interest (getting paid) and your interest (improving your wealth).

This belief is shared by many independent financial advisers in Australia. For now, we won't go into the definition of "independent". We are working on a directory of independent advisers in Australia to help you find someone close to you.

In the meantime, we asked 7 financial planners on their top money tips for people under 35 years old.


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"It is simple, spend less than you earn. Protect your income (Income Protection insurance) and have in place a lump sum contingency plan (TPD Cover) to reduce the risk of disability compromising your (and your parent's) financial plan. Lastly start investing sooner rather than later, as this will increase the certainty of you achieving your objectives."


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"Spend less than [you] earn. Focus on the long term as well as addressing short term enjoyment"


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"Protect yourself properly against the biggest risk to your future financial well-being: a loss of your income-earning ability. Spend less than you earn by saving methodically into different buckets for different time frames - which means not ignoring super or a home deposit."


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"Eliminating debt"





"The sooner your start investing to create wealth and passive income, the sooner you will become financially independent."





"Apparent wealth is often an illusion masked by debt. Do not be fooled by the false promises of financial freedom through endless debt."





"Set out your goals, set a plan in place and keep things on track over time."

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