Save up to $288 switching from Spotify to Apple Music

Spotify is great. For a pretty affordable price, you basically get unlimited amount of music. With Spotify Premium, you can even get rid of those annoying ads.

But wouldn't it be even better if you could save money? If your family is on Spotify Premium, you can save up to $288 per year moving to Apple Music. For cost-conscious families, who isn't, Apple Music is a pretty compelling idea.

If you sign-up to Apple Music now, you will even get 3 months free! That is another $36 of savings!


What is Apple Music?

Apple Music is Apple's new(ish) music streaming service. It started when Apple acquired Beats for $3 billion in 2014. The uber cool headphones maker was co-founded by music heavyweights Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine.

From there, Dr Dre and Iovine went to work creating Apple's version of Spotify. Apple Music was officially released in Australia in July 2015.

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Does it have the music I like?

Apple Music has the largest collection of music amongst all music streaming services. Spotify has around 30 million songs, but Apple Music has over 37 million songs. Apple Music even have exclusive music from popular artists like Taylor Swift's 1989 album.

If you can find the music you like in Spotify, you are likely to find what you want with Apple Music.


How does it work?

Apple Music works on your computer, your iPhone, iPod and Apple Watch through the iTunes app. As it stands, it doesn't work on Android mobile devices yet. The Android app will be released in late 2015.

Whilst you need to wait for Android version, it does have the advantage that Apple Music will work on your iPod. This is something Spotify has never been able to do.


How much does it cost?

One account starts at $11.99 per month - same as Spotify Premium. The great thing about Apple Music for your family is that they offer family pricing.  That means for $17.99 per month. You can have up to 6 family members per family account.

You, your partner and up to 4 kids can all have 37 million songs!

Compared to Spotify, you start saving money if you have more than 2 Spotify Premium accounts. This chart shows how much you can save per year moving from Spotify to Apple Music.


Apple's Family Sharing feature

Apple have a nifty feature called Family Sharing for their subscription services. It puts your entire family on the one Apple account for billing purposes. It also allows you to control the content your kids can download / see. Even kids under 13 years old can have an account under your master Family Sharing account.


How do I get started?

Getting started on Apple Music is easy, follow these steps:

1.    Update your iPhone, iPod and computer to the latest version of  iTunes. For iPhone and iPod, go to Settings --> General --> Software Update

2.   Turn of Family Sharing. On your iPhone go to Settings --> iCloud --> Set Up Family Sharing ... For more information about Family Sharing - click here

3.   Sign-up to Apple Music here

4.   A special tip for Spotify users, if you want all your playlists transferred to Apple Music, you can use Stampapp or Move To Apple to duplicate your playlists for free!


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